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  Information for New Students
  • Please arrive 10 minutes early for a quick chat about what to expect and to discus any injuries or medical conditions you may have
  • Don't expect to know what you're doing the first time - you wouldn't go to a Spanish class already fluent in Spanish - and don’t worry about everyone else - we are all at different stages of our practice and journey....
  • Some Sanskrit words will come up during the class - they are simply the names of postures 
  • Wear comfy 'work out' clothes
  • Bring your own mat (get in touch if you'd like to borrow one), water for after the class, and a willingness to enjoy your experience....

Fee Policy

For all classes, there is a choice of fees. I ask you to be responsible for paying the appropriate rate for you. I don't do any checks. Please take into account your circumstances. If you’re a retired person with two pensions and your own home, or a student supported by a well-paid partner, you’re probably not in financial hardship. You may be if you’re supporting other people and on a low wage. Please be aware that each class has to be financially viable in order to continue. 

If you can realistically pay the full rate, please pay it. If you need a subsidised class, then please do take one. If you are struggling to pay any fee, please get in touch. I want classes to be accessible to everyone, irrespective of income.


Cancellation Policy
I understand things happen and sometimes plans change. I aim to accommodate these changes as best I can by setting out fair and reasonable terms for booking and cancelling classes – allowing students time to change their mind, while ensuring a class is still viable to go ahead.


For all classes there is a 3 hour cancellation policy. Please log into your account to cancel. If you have given 3 hours notice, a class pass will be credited to your account. If you have given less than 3 hours notice, no class credit will be given and your payment cannot be refunded or transferred. 


Block passes cannot be refunded or extended if not used within the period stated 


It’s your responsibility to check the time, date and venue of your class. Classes cannot be refunded or exchanged if you arrive at the wrong time or place.


If you are pregnant, suffer from high blood pressure, chronic heart disease, retinal problems, epilepsy, have a joint replacement or recently undergone any major surgery please consult your doctor prior to booking classes.

Please inform me at the start of the class if you are suffering from any injuries, medical conditions, or if you are pregnant.  

I advise that if you are feeling any pain or illness during class that you stop and rest.

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