Information for New Students
  • Please arrive 10 minutes early for a quick chat about what to expect and to discus any injuries or medical conditions you may have
  • Don't expect to know what you're doing the first time - you wouldn't go to a Spanish class already fluent in Spanish - and don’t worry about everyone else - we are all at different stages of our practice and journey....
  • Some Sanskrit words will come up during the class - they are simply the names of postures 
  • Wear comfy 'work out' clothes
  • Bring your own mat (get in touch if you'd like to borrow one), water for after the class, and a willingness to enjoy your experience....

    Covid Safety Precautions
✅The venue will have been thoroughly cleaned before our arrival

✅Numbers will be limited so Booking is Essential
✅Hand sanitiser to be used on entry
✅Please bring your own mat (I can lend mats with advanced notice)

✅Mats will be placed 2m apart 

✅Doors will be propped open so no need to touch door handles, and also allowing for additional ventilation, weather permitting

✅I will be staying on my mat to ensure 2m distance at all times, so no hands on assists (but plenty of verbal cues)

Appropriate records are retained within the booking system to support Track & Trace as required by recent legislation

✅If you are feeling unwell please cancel your booking and stay at home

✅There will be no chanting (some Ashtanga classes have an opening and closing chant - I choose not to)

✅Keep smiling!