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Just wanted to say how fantastic your classes are, they are by far the best and most authentic ashtanga yoga classes that I have ever tried (and I have tried a few!) I would definitely recommend them to both beginners and advanced yogis alike.

- Victoria Sleep


Karen's Ashtanga yoga classes have become one of the highlights of my week - as a teacher she always challenges you to push your limits a little further, but provides constant support and good humour throughout! These classes have dramatically improved my physical flexibility, stamina and some niggling joint problems I have had, as well as giving me increased confidence and a better posture. I would recommend them to anyone regardless of age or gender!

- Joanna Hruby


CYCLIST & RUNNERS!! I have been attending one of Karen's classes for about 8 weeks and I wanted to let you all know how Ashtanga has improved my fitness. I took up Yoga to help prevent re-occurring injuries as I believed my tight muscles were the cause. What I didn't expect was the massive gains in my cycling and running performances. When on the bike I now feel far more flexible in my hips, reducing the tight Lactic feeling in my legs. Simply put mean I feel stronger for longer. When descending or in the drops my back is far more comfortable and riding in general is far less painful. I' m not the best runner but Ashtanga has helped my stride length and overall technique and in turn my speed over distance. I would recommend Ashtanga to anyone looking to improve their athletic performance, but I might keep it a secret to the other people in my cycle club...

14 Weeks on and I would like you give you an update... I have made steady progress, each week achieving more inch by inch. It took me a while to be able to link my breath with the moves, but as soon I did, around week 6 or so, my progress accelerated and I started getting more and more from each class. Every week I feel new sensations of flexibility and strength, feelings I never knew existed. I can now do head stands, binds and folds which looked impossible 14 weeks ago.
My athletic performance continues to improve and I have lost body fat. Ashtanga is now a crucial aspect of my fitness routine

- Chris Oliver

Can’t recommend Ashtanga Yoga with Karen highly enough.
I’ve been going once a week for 10 months now, starting from a pretty low base line, as a 64 year old man having had major abdominal surgery, resulting in a colostomy and a stoma.
Ashtanga Yoga with Karen has changed my life.
No exaggeration.
She has given me the confidence in my body as it is now, to embrace yoga.
There’s no feeling of being judged, there’s no sense of competition, everyone is given the same attention and encouragement.
Karen allows us to practice within our own limits, and encourages us as we grow and improve.
I started Yoga to help me learn how to relax and unwind. Ashtanga teaches me how to do so by repetition of the positions and concentration on breathing, with Karen’s voice giving instruction and encouragement throughout.
So, actual results? Without any additional exercise or any dieting, 2” off my waist, improved posture, improved muscle tone, improved appetite, much better sleeping, and the ability to control what Karen calls “the monkey mind”
I’m a convert, Karen’s classes have made me so, it’s down to her that it’s her voice that I hear in my head if I practice sun salutations at home !!

- Ian Youlden


We attend Karen's classes whenever we are visiting Devon: they are really accessible regardless of level, experience and fitness. Karen is super approachable, unpretentious and friendly and the classes carry this vibe throughout. 
Most recently we had a private lesson to polish up our current practice and found this to be so helpful and we would highly recommend it to anyone interested in taking their ashtanga practice further. Thanks so much Karen, see you soon!

- Giusi Pezzotta

An excellent, enjoyable class. Clear instructions and a friendly face too. If you contact Karen, with any questions she always answers promptly and is helpful. Thank you

- Gail Bellerby


I have been to a few classes elsewhere before but I have just attended one of Karen's outdoor lessons and it's definitely the most enjoyable class I've been too.

- Megan James


Feeling awesome after Karen's ashtanga yoga class this morning. So glad to have finally found a class that suits my practice. Fab venue too...

- Naomi Carpenter


Best yoga class I have ever taken!!!!

- Clair Beckett




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