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Ashtanga Yoga as we age….

As many of my older students in particular are finding, Ashtanga is actually extra-protective for older people and especially beneficial for them. Obviously, always choosing the options that suit them and their body on any particular day….

The Ashtanga primary series is devised so that each posture builds the strength and flexibility needed for the following postures so, over time, with the repetition of the series, the body starts to open naturally and we start to feel progression and find confidence quite quickly within our practice. As we progress, we find the balance of ease and comfort with the effort and dynamics of each posture.....not caring too much about the perfection of a posture, but searching for the breath and flow; for a peaceful, happy place within the practice and ourselves ☺️

Since I started an Ashtanga yoga practice in my 40s, at 58 I’m probably the fittest and healthiest I’ve ever been, and I’ll continue to practice Ashtanga yoga as I age, as it will help me prevent injury and illness.

Because I know the sequence and how my body does within the practice, my awareness of my body and its strengths and limitations is actually protective for me.  I know when I can push myself more and when I should not do so.  As I age, I feel especially safe with my practice, much more so than if I were doing a yoga where the asanas and sequence were unknown to me, where they were different with each practice. 

Another great reason to practice ashtanga yoga 💫

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