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It’s not the postures that keep me coming back to my mat, it’s the inner peace….

All sorts of movement and exercise throughout my life have helped me settle my overactive and anxious mind and find some focus, but Ashtanga yoga dives deeper than calming a restless mind….it reaches beyond that and enables me to access the beautiful freedom of inner peace…..

Ashtanga yoga is and always will be an internal practice. It’s a life tool to practice physical, mental and emotional healing that, over time, transforms into a place of peace, empowerment and safety.

With our emphasis on internal focus there is nothing we are doing for external observer. Our practice is ours and ours alone, not a performance and not anything we are doing for external validation.

Instead of focusing on the external form becoming increasingly more challenging, it’s the inner work that continues to evolve and expand…..

The Ashtanga yoga series frees and strengthens the body, breath, and mind through repetition and the breath synchronised movements.

And, as the practice progresses from an increase in physical mobility and stability, with the continual focus on breath, postures and gaze points, it evolves into a meditative state cultivating a calmer, more open, connected sense of self 😊

So what might feel like effort at the beginning, over time finds ease, like a well practiced dance, the flowing sequence becoming a ‘moving meditation’….

So why not make a little space for Ashtanga yoga…..move your body, decompress and still your mind, helping to manage stress and anxiety. Enjoy the moments of being in your body, the moments of stillness, the moments of silence. Make space to heal. And find some inner peace…..

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