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Freedom in practice (lockdown thoughts)

Ashtanga Yoga can be a refuge in uncertain times. It can help us feel more grounded in our bodies, and more lucid in our minds. There’s never been a better time to learn this practice, so you can have it for yourself....a freedom that cannot be taken away, lockdown, or not.

Ashtanga yoga, particularly practiced at home, invites us to work things out creatively, finding our path through the obstacles in the physical practice or in life....working around our own physical limitations, and making practice work around kids, pets, jobs, lockdowns; creating a space to breathe freely in cramped spaces...

I hope we get to a place where we can all practice together again. In the meantime, the sequence is a framework within which we can can experiment and explore, and we can adapt so we can still practice steadily through shifting circumstances. We can build a practice of our own at home, a practice inside of us, a ‘life tool' to help cope with the chaos of life, to help us feel healthier, happier and stronger both mentally and physically.....

And so many of us are out there doing it, we’ll be anything but isolated.....😊

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