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Ashtanga Yoga- the moving meditation 🧘‍♀️

Ashtanga Yoga is often known as a 'moving meditation'

Simply sitting still and trying to watch the breath in meditation is incredibly hard for many of us but, Ashtanga yoga, with its unique focus on gaze points, Bandha, and breath demands concentration. The sometimes challenging physical practice helps the mind to stop swinging wildly through its jungle of thoughts, thereby stilling and calming the cluttered mind, leading to a meditative state. And of course, the repetition of the series enables us to flow through the sequence without having to think about what comes next, so we become totally absorbed and deeply focused in "flow state".... that sense of fluidity between body and mind 🥰

In addition, developing calm, strong and powerful breathing will begin to rewire the entire nervous system. We start to develop some control over the sympathetic nervous system (associated with the fight or flight response), resulting in greater strength and resilience of the nervous system and a lesser reaction to stress.....the ability to stay calm even during challenging times.

So Ashtanga yoga is unique in its combination of body, spirit and mind focus. The postures keep our body healthy and strong; and the meditative aspect and breathing keep our emotions and nervous system relaxed and healthy....moving the body, stilling the mind...😊

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