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I had a phone enquiry earlier today from a chap who was looking for a yoga class where he’d feel comfortable as a middle aged man and not feel pressurised, and he’d been recommended mine 🙌

I’m over the moon that its recognised that all abilities, genders, bodies, and ages from 18 to 80 attend my classes and are able to embrace all the benefits of Ashtanga✨.....using the series as a framework within which they can experiment and explore, not focusing on perfection but finding a way of moving that feels comfortable and good, and just enjoying the journey….remembering it’s a lifelong practice and we’re not aiming to ‘master’ a posture. With our emphasis on internal focus, there is nothing we are doing for an external observer.

And importantly, Ashtanga Yoga teaches us that not all progress and growth is seen.

We live in a world that thrives on instant gratification and external validation but it’s important to look beyond the appearance of the physical practice and focus on the internal experience. We are more than our bodies, their external abilities and momentary achievement.

There’s no question that Ashtanga is a beautifully equipped practice to improve physical strength, flexibility and mobility, but the hidden depths of Ashtanga and internal progress that we experience are unseen…..the inner peace, the sense of stability, calm and stable emotions, a focused mind.

This matters more than a perfect posture.

A 'life tool' to help cope with the chaos of life, to help us feel healthier, happier and stronger both mentally and physically.....

Balance in both body and mind 😊

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